The first of four student forums was held on Monday at the UC for the new campus chief of police.

Along with a fellow reporter, SGA President Adam Roddy was the only one in attendance.

Roddy said the timing of the release of information on when this was happening didn’t get out until too late.

“I think students do care about the safety of the campus,” Roddy said. “I don’t know how many students were able to be reached out to be informed of this specific meeting. There’s going to be three more of these, so hopefully more students will be at those.”

Roddy has been sending out e-mails to as many organizations as he can to inform them of the upcoming forums.

As for the potential candidate, 23-year law enforcement veteran and Kansas-native Troy Lane hopes his experience as campus chief of police at the Kansas State University and the University of Wyoming are strong assets to his repertoire.

Lane has served the past five years as Wyoming’s chief of police as well as taught numerous classes on criminal justice.

Lane has not only overseen many of the social events that go on at a college campus, he has also been privy to managing presidential visits from the likes of President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton.

“I would operate those in similar manners to a college sporting event, other than I know I’m going to have a different set of problems,” Lane said.

Lane said that while all college campuses are different to some extent, alcohol is one of the main issues all colleges deal with.

“Alcohol will probably continue to be every campus’ worst problem,” Lane said. “It will continue to be the issue that causes people to do stupid things and unfortunately costs several people’s lives each year.”

Issues like alcohol can be recurring, but Lane said one of the biggest deterrents to these problems is the response of the university.

“I don’t know if it’s any one issue, as it is so much the university’s response to any one issue,” Lane said. “It needs to be consistent, even, and fair. People need to have an expectation that if I do “A,” here will be the result consistently.”

If Lane gets the job, he said his first order of business would probably be dealing with managerial items like getting to know the police department and understanding what they want.

With not much stability in the chief position, Lane knows it needs to be someone who is here to stay.

“They are ready for some stability,” Lane said. “That’s been a reoccurring thing all day — trying to find some magic way to convince people that I have no plans to come in and leave in another year or two. I’m looking for a place to end things and stay on.”

Lane currently serves as the chief of campus police at the University of Wyoming, but says the tactic between herding 30,000 people there during the football games and herding 100,000 here are not that much different.

Lane said Wyoming has roughly one officer per 750 people, and UT has around one officer per 330 people.

“My stadium on a good day holds 30,000 people, and on a good day I might have 40 officers to cover that stadium,” Lane said. “This stadium holds 100,000 and I’m told on a good day they have 300 people to address those issues. If we do the math, we are probably less equipped, or at least no better equipped, to deal with that number of people.”

Roddy was impressed with Lane’s credentials and background, and hopes that if Lane receives the position the tension between students and UTPD will slowly reside.

“I would hope to see that instead of it being so much of an adversarial world where students are put at odds with UTPD, I would love to see more working together and more open forums where students can go and talk to the UT police,” Roddy said. “I would love for that communication and dialogue to be opened up a lot more.”

The next meeting will be Monday at 5 p.m. in the Shiloh Room in the UC.