This fall Tennessee football fans will be able to see many legacy players take to the field for the first time. Two of the six legacy commitments from the class of 2014 are brothers Elliot and Evan Berry.

The Berry family will now join the Colquitt's and become the only family to have four members play football for the Volunteers, as their father (James) and brother (Eric) left a trail to follow in Knoxville.

While the two brothers may never match the career numbers that Eric Berry set—14 career interceptions and a record 494 interception return yards—they still will bring a skill set to the field that should be beneficial to their new team.

Elliot Berry will wear No. 41, the reversal of his older brother's college number, and is listed as a defensive back on the roster. Evan Berry is also listed as a defensive back and will wear No. 29, which is the number Eric Berry wears for the Kansas City Chiefs.

"They are both very good athletes and very gifted," Eric Berry said. "Elliot is more on the IQ side of things. He knows so much about football it's ridiculous. Evan is just a freak of nature. He can jump crazy and runs super fast. They both bring different things to the table, but they are going to give Tennessee their 100 percent."

While Eric Berry is a three-time NFL Pro Bowler, he calls his younger brother Elliot "coach," as the two often share their thoughts on the games in's and out's.

"He has notebooks stacked up at home from when he was younger just drawing up defenses and offenses and different plays," Eric Berry said. "He started that up in elementary school in about fourth or fifth grade. I talk to him about different things that we (the Chiefs) could be doing as a defense that could help us out. He's a really good coach."

Not many players come in to a program and are popular right away, but due to their family's history at Tennessee the two brothers will come in with lofty expectations and feel the love the second they step on the field.

Depending on how they perform in fall camp, they could possibly see some playing time and even start for a defense that ranked 11th in the SEC last season.

"I've been telling them to come in and work hard and to make sure and take that extra mile," Eric Berry said. "It's about taking it to another level with their film studies, because the competition level is even higher. They are playing in the SEC now and it's not high school ball."

Being addicted to improvement is something that Eric Berry took to heart in his time at Tennessee and is the message he is sending to his two younger brothers as they continue to gear up for the toughest conference in all of college football.

"They'll be fine as long as they keep getting better, not just being satisfied with being a good football player," Eric Berry said. "Always want to improve on something you have in your game. Not just that, but in the classroom as well, which I'm not worried about with them."

While the former SEC Defensive Player of the Year will be busy with helping his team contend for the NFL Playoffs, this year he will also attend many of his brothers' games along with the rest of his family.

"It's exciting," Eric Berry said. "It's hard to explain, because a lot of times when I'd watch their games, even when they were younger, I'd get real nervous. It's just different watching them do it. They play the game how it's supposed to be played and I just love watching them.

"It's cool that they came here and are starting to bleed orange."