So the Dallas Cowboys are gonna hire Derek Dooley.

He gets to work with Dallas head coach and former co-worker Jason Garrett as the Cowboys' wide receivers coach. They both worked together under Nick Saban for the Miami Dolphins.

I wrote "Dooley column" on the Beacon whiteboard for the last time today. It was a rather sad moment. He was the inspiration of so many unread columns and debates.

Tennessee said they moved on. They were done with Dooley. Athletics Director Dave Hart broke up with Dooley in November, and Tennessee and its three-year head coach parted ways.

There was the occasional Dooley sighting at Publix or the mall, but they were always uncomfortable and awkward. Fans would try not to stare and Dooley would avoid conversations. Instagram photos would appear, along with maybe a few shocking Snapchats, but mostly just awkward silence.

Dooley was no longer praised by friends and relatives of UT's football program. Fans didn't bow at his feet and he no longer condescended to their wishes and acknowledged their existence.

It wasn't one of those breakups where the people involved remain friends. The breakup was too painful and there was way too much gossip involved to recover well.

UT was the first to move on with the hire of Tennessee head coach Butch Jones. No one knows how Dooley responded, but Tennessee and its fans followed Jones' Twitter account with no regrets.

They were done with Dooley.

Until Dooley moved on. Then the emotions began again and, much like a relationship, fans were upset that he could move on, that he didn't just curl up and die at the thought of never being "with" the program again.

Facebook and Twitter blew up with, "Who would hire a guy like him?" and "He can't coach."

Much like any broken relationship, the response to Dooley taking a position with Dallas was amazement and condescension for Dooley, Dallas, Garrett and UT.

Maybe Tennessee fans just need to curl up with Jones, pull out their friends, Ben and Jerry (to quote a co-worker), and watch a few highlight reels. Maybe then they'll officially be able to "move on."