This past weekend I watched the Maryland Terrapins beat the then-No. 2 Duke Blue Devils, 83-81.

It was a great game, but let me clarify.

I'm not a Duke fan or a Maryland fan. I don't like Mike Krzyzewski and I wouldn't know Mark Turgeon if I saw him in the street, but I loved watching that game.

It wasn't the prettiest game to watch (Maryland alone had 26 turnovers), but there was something beautiful about it.

Maybe it was the Terps' true freshman guard, Seth Allen. He made the two game-winning points.

The score was tied at 81-81 with 2.8 seconds left when Allen was sent to the line for two. As the camera zoomed in on his face, I watched him look up at the goal and smile.

At first, I was concerned. This punk kid was getting ready for the most important play of his collegiate career (thus far) and he was goofing off on the line.

Then I realized he was probably more nervous than he had ever been before. At that moment, there was nothing he could do but smile.

He shot and scored.

What I loved seeing was the Maryland fans and, particularly, the students.

As a Tennessean, born and raised in Knoxville, I've seen similar excitement and passion at UT. But, if I'm being honest, it's been awhile. Like 15 years.

Watching the students at Maryland flash mob, do the Harlem Shake (if this is the last Harlem Shake video you see, see this one), cheer their team on to a last-minute win and then storm the court, was amazing.

It made me hurt for the glory days of UT football and ache for the future of UT basketball.

When I think about the winning streak Florida currently holds over us and former players like Eric Berry, Tobias Harris and Chris Lofton, I only get more discouraged. I think about where the Vols were, where they could have been, where they could be and where they are now but maybe I'm focusing on the wrong stats. The men's basketball team just beat Kentucky by 30 points.

The 117th football team is about to take the field with a brand new coaching staff and the goal of rejuvenating the Tennessee Volunteers. Maybe Cuonzo Martin and Butch Jones are the very keys the Vols need to succeed.

Maybe they can get their programs where they need to be.


Maybe we, as fans, can help.

Maybe we can be the extra push or boost that gets our teams over the edge.

Maybe we can flash mob and Harlem Shake and storm the court. Whatever it takes.

— Lauren Kittrell is a senior in journalism and electronic media. She can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @LKittre1.