Tennessee is now 3-1, with a 47-26 win over Akron, but with Georgia just around the corner, practice is everything to the Volunteers.

Head coach Derek Dooley said he felt the team's performance on Saturday against the Zips, based on the stats, was what he's looking for overall.

"I always look at those three big things, turnovers, big plays and the fourth quarter. We obviously did a pretty good job on all three," Dooley said.

His only concern from the "big three" was the team's ball handling.

"We're a little too loose with the football," Dooley said. "It's something that's gonna be a big priority this week. Even though we only lost one, we had a couple other opportunities to lose them. We have to get better."

Dooley said Georgia's defense might be the most talented in the country and turnovers will be unacceptable during practice this week.

"We all know about Georgia. There's no sense in me talking about how good they are," Dooley said. "They're probably playing as good as I've seen them in a long time.

That said, the focus now is on learning from mistakes, practice and improvement.
"We got our work cut out for us," he said. "Hopefully we can take a lot of lessons that we've learned in the first four

games and try to go play as good as we can go play in Athens and see how it turns out."

Former walk-on sophomore wide receiver Jacob Carter, who was recently promoted to scholarship, said he already saw improvement during practice on Monday.

"Today was a lot better," Carter said. "Today was a lot more polished. We went over the corrections and then worked on some stuff for Georgia."

Dooley said Carter was not originally recruited because of his lack of speed.

"But he's gone in and he's got great hands," he added. "He's a very smart football player in knowing all the positions.

He's tough. He's got a level of grit about him to just go out there every day and be very consistent."

Consistency is key and Dooley is focusing on working out the kinks through practice, specifically working toward Georgia.

"We're a lot more prepared and we're certainly a lot better than we were two years ago," Dooley said. "We didn't play very good down there and we obviously need a lot better effort than what we put on two years ago."