My favorite sports moment in history happened last Saturday.

It wasn't a great day for Tennessee football, but the scene that developed from that will be forever etched in my memory.

Earlier this year, junior quarterback Tyler Bray was named to the 2012 Preseason Watch list of everything.

From the Davey O'Brien National Quarterback of the Year to the Manning Award and even a possibility of the nation's top player, Bray's talent was getting noticed.

After his first two games against N.C. State and Georgia State, Bray's talent continued to be a topic of debate from ESPN to 90.3 'The Rock'.

He was the next Peyton Manning. He was destined for the NFL. He was Tennessee's ticket for a return to the glory days.

Notice the past tense.

On Sept. 15, the Volunteers lost to the Florida Gators, 37-20. While Bray's first-half performance was acceptable with two passing touchdowns, Florida's defense flustered him in the second half, and Bray fell apart.

In a game that could have been a breaking point for the team's seven (now eight) game losing streak against their rival Gators, Bray had a 50 percent completion record and two interceptions.

The hype that had surrounded the weekend, between ESPN's "College GameDay" and retiring Johnny Major's jersey number, came to a staggering hault after Florida halfback Trey Burton scored on a 75-yard run.

And only a short time later, the moment came.

Bray threw a beautiful pass, directly to head coach Derek Dooley.

Even better, Dooley caught it like a pro and threw it down like a boss.

If Bray wasn't already aware that he lost any chance of an award this year, that moment decided it for him.

And at that moment, I began to feel sorry for him.

It can't be easy to know that any mistake will come back to haunt you. It can't be easy to know that every Vol fan in the country is looking to you as their golden boy. It can't be easy being over-hyped across the nation.

Maybe Bray needs to be viewed for what he is, for what the stats say he is. Maybe he should be viewed as an exceptional athlete. Maybe he should be viewed as a Tennessee quarterback who has led the Vols to wins that should have been won. Maybe Bray should be viewed as a player who has broken numerous Peyton Manning records.

Maybe Bray shouldn't be viewed as the answer to all Tennessee's problems, but as a step in the right direction.

Maybe Dooley disagrees with me.