Halfway into week three, the Tennessee Volunteers continue practice focused on one result. That goal is a win over the Florida Gators on Saturday.

The Vols have lost the last seven consecutive meetings, but the team hopes this will be the year to break the streak.

"(The seven-game losing streak) bothers us, this team is more mature than last year," junior starting quarterback Tyler Bray said. "We probably didn't think about the streak and just wanted to win. This year we are taking some pride and some ownership and we need to beat them."

Vols' head coach Derek Dooley said all that matters is that the Vols show up and play for 60 minutes in the best manner possible.

Junior quarterback Tyler Bray might be the key to a Vol win, but Dooley said he's more concerned that Bray stay in control, regardless of the outcome.

"He's playing good, he has a good demeanor. Is he going to have games where he struggles? Yeah, every quarterback goes through it," Dooley said. "What I'm interested in is when he hits that little piece, how does he handle that."

Another issue Dooley is focusing on is putting pressure on the front-four. He said he feels like the team is doing well, but is aware of the margin for error.

"It's a little bit like everything. There are times when you do a great job and there are times where you screw up the game or we lose our pass rush lanes," Dooley said. "So it's a work in progress, but I think it's much improved from a year ago."

Junior backup kicker Derrick Brodus was recently promoted and will be kicking all field goals and extra points during the game on Saturday. Dooley said that although Brodus is probably nervous and has been the last two games, the nerves didn't show up in practice on Tuesday.

"He made his field goals today," Dooley said.

Regardless of nerves, Bray said the whole team has confidence and maturity. He said that if they can keep that, they'll be ok.

"(A win) would be huge," he said. "Just to get back to how Tennessee used to be and beating Florida would be great."