The last time Tennessee beat Florida in football was 2004. The outcome came down to a field goal attempt.

If that is the case Saturday, it will be junior kicker Derrick Brodus who bears the burden of seven-straight losses to the Gators on his left foot.

Derek Dooley announced Monday that Brodus will start over junior Michael Palardy, who missed a 39-yard field goal and an extra point in Saturday's 51-13 victory over Georgia State.

"I still believe in Mike (Palardy)," Dooley said. "But he's got some things he's got to work through and Derrick has certainly earned the right to be out there."

Brodus connected on a 25-yard field goal and an extra point in the fourth quarter after coming on to replace Palardy.

Prior to Saturday, Brodus had attempted one field goal in his UT career, a 21-yard make against MTSU last season when he served as an emergency replacement to an injured Palardy.

"He's made every kick every time he's been out there," Dooley said. "He kicks it high, he's got a nice calm about him. But we'll see."

Dooley said that Palardy will continue to handle kickoff duties but that the native Floridian has some technical things to work on as placekicker.

"It's really no different than all the other positions," Dooley said. "It's performance based and it's my responsibility as a coach. If you feel like another guy is more deserving and gives you a better chance to get through the game then that's what we're going to do."

Dooley said his team's biggest challenge against the Gators will come in the trenches.

"It starts with their front seven," Dooley said. "There's not many teams in the country that are going to have a front seven like these guys. We did not win the line of scrimmage on either side against these guys last year. And that's going to be our challenge this year."

Through two games the UT offensive line has allowed just one sack.

Florida held Texas A&M to 65 second-half yards in its 20-17 win on Saturday.

"I feel like that is one of the better defensive lines that we've seen this season," junior center James Stone said. "So it's going to be that much more in our preparation and determination going out there for this game."