Look over Tennessee's current football schedule.

Look at their wins and losses.

Look at the scores.

Then look at Tennessee's wins, losses, scores and schedules over the last four seasons.

Those calling for Derek Dooley's release as head football coach should remember the facts.

In the last four years, the Vols have lost more games than they've won in the regular season.

They've gone through three head coaching changes.

The best season Tennessee saw was with Lane Kiffin and the worst was with Phillip Fulmer. There's no question that UT has been in a rut of late, but is that Dooley's fault?

Look at this season's games. Look at the plays, the coaching decisions and the mistakes. Most of these issues have been from the players' side. Dropped balls, missed plays, bad game-time decisions, all issues that can be addressed by coaches, but can't be fixed without fixing the player himself.

Talent? They have talent, but what can Dooley do with an immature, overhyped team that relies on a few golden boys?
They're present-day biblical idols that stand frozen like a golden calf as game-winning plays march past their noses. A crowd of orange turns its hate on Dooley rather than the (relatively) worthless idols and calls for his removal.

It takes years to build a program and even more when that program is filled with cavities. The continued changes in coaching positions work like candy on a toothache. It tastes so good and helps mentality for a while, but hurts like hell and won't fix the problem.

Keep Dooley around and give him a chance to build a winning program. Give him a chance to make the changes he can with the players he has. Players make mistakes, players drop the ball. That's understood. Dooley has a chance to fix the root problem, not just ice over the rough parts.