The Tennessee football team met their first SEC win of the season on Saturday.

Ironic, since the Volunteers were led for the first time by interim head coach and full-time offensive coordinator, Jim Chaney. The Vols had gone 0-7 in their conference under the leadership of former head coach Derek Dooley, losing to lower-tier teams, Missouri and Vanderbilt, and frustrating their generally supportive fanbase.

Now, the Vols' disappointing season has finally ended with no hope for a bowl game.

Only one thing remains to be seen. Athletic Director Dave Hart has yet to announce the next head coach of the Orange and White.

Students lie in wait, unsure of what clothing item to meme, while alumni and other fans ponder the probabilities and expenses of each name that pops up on the message boards.

I, myself, have been scouring Twitter and talking to whatever inside sources I've been able to pick up over my three-and-a-half years at the university.

My brothers and friends email me with rumors and ideas, imagining that I have some kind of higher knowledge of or control over the situation. I obviously don't.

Personally, I think the world of UT football is on a precipice. In three years, the Vols could have a winning program. In four years, the Vols' football program could no longer exist.

With finances where they are and ticket sales taking a dive, if Hart brings in another coach who doesn't measure up to expectations, fans can expect another buyout Tennessee cannot afford, tanking the program even lower.

But let's not get discouraged. There's still hope, we're just in a waiting period.

Hart may not know it, but he has UT's football program, and therefore thousands of little hearts in the palm of his hand. A decision is forthcoming.

Until then, check the Craigslist ads. You could be Tennessee's next head coach.