There are some things that just shouldn’t happen. Ever.

Hostess shouldn’t go out of business (depriving Americans of their favorite calorie bomb) and Tennessee (4-7, 0-7 SEC) shouldn’t lose to Kentucky and Vanderbilt in consecutive seasons. Ever.

On Saturday, the majority of The Daily Beacon’s staff was on hand to witness the Vols’ 41-18 loss to in-state rival, Vanderbilt. By the end of the third quarter, it was clear that former head coach Derek Dooley would not be coaching the Vols in the 2013-2014 season. The Vols lost whatever hope they had for a bowl game and Dooley lost whatever chance he had of staying for another season.

We were just waiting for the call.

His coach-to-fans relationship took a hit in 2011, when the Vols fell 10-7 to the Kentucky Wildcats. Vol fans needed a reason for another season and they didn’t get it. One coaching decision after another marked Dooley as a firing target.

Decisions like benching starting quarterback Tyler Bray in the second quarter of the game outraged fans and confused players.  

If you’re looking for a highlight reel from Saturday, stop now. The two highlights the Vols managed were overshadowed completely by the five touchdowns the Commodores scored. In the same way, this season’s great moments (i.e. any play involving Cordarrelle Patterson) have been overshadowed by the Vols’ record.

Unlike previous games, there wasn’t one aspect of the Vols’ game at Vandy to point a finger at. The whole team just fell apart.

All that’s left to mourn are the seniors who won’t win a bowl game during their time in Knoxville.

The seniors will be facing Kentucky for their final game in Neyland Stadium, their final SEC game and their final game as a Tennessee Volunteer.

For many, it will be their last football game. They won’t be heading to the NFL.

If you’re a Tennessee fan, student, booster or fair weather fan, go to the Kentucky game and cheer on your senior class.

They’ve been at UT for four of the worst football seasons to date. They’ve gone to practice. They’ve gone to team meetings.

They’ve walked through coaching changes and they’ve walked through play changes.

They have not experienced the rewards.

In fact, their efforts have only been met with disappointment time and time again.

With each new change came hope and with each new hope came greater disappointment. Each week those seniors talked about how practice had gone so well and how the team was better than ever.

But it wasn’t the case.

On Saturday, the Vols will head into the stadium as one body. Each teammate ready to play his best to benefit the whole and give the seniors one more chance at victory.

Give them a chance. Give them a home field advantage.