Arguably the top junior college transfer for this upcoming season, Cordarrelle Patterson has been surrounded by hype, and the wide receiver is excited about what he can do for the Volunteers this year.

"It's an honor to be on the same team as (Justin Hunter and Da'Rick Rogers). They can teach me so much and just help me improve my game," said Patterson.

At 6'3" and 205 lbs., Patterson adds another weapon on the outside that gives coaches, players, and fans alike a reason to be excited about the different options Tennessee's offense can show opponents.

"With the three of us out there I don't know how teams are going to try and play it," said Rogers. "It will be tough to put enough coverage on all three of us, so one of us should have a chance each play. That's what's great about having CP (Patterson) on the team now; it's just another big play maker."

Since transferring from Hutchinson Community College, Patterson has had growing pains trying to learn offensive coordinator Jimmy Chaney's offense, but is still confident in his on-field ability.

"There is so much to learn here and I'm just trying to get everything down pat," Patterson said. "Here you have more game speed and it's an adjustment getting use to that."

The Tennessee offense's speed and the playbook's density have been a challenge for Patterson, who wasn't enrolled in school until the summer term, but coaches and players have both helped the receiver pick up the passing game's nuances.

"The first couple days there was so much coming at me, but coach (Darin) Hinshaw was teaching me day by day to focus in and now I understand more of it," said Patterson. "Justin and Da'Rick are teaching me the step-by-step moves and it's coming slow, but I'm getting it."

For Chaney, adding another weapon was icing on the cake. According to Cheney, the most important area of the Vols offense this off-season didn't deal with the playbook or schemes, but more about how the team meshed with some new faces.

"It had nothing to do with X's and O's. I was more into the personality of our team, the chemistry of our team, the work ethic of our team, the attitude, all of the intangibles that I felt like were missing in the previous season. Trying to make sure we have a good frame of mind when we come out of training camp and I think Derek (Dooley) did a wonderful job with that," Chaney said. "I think we're about right where we need to be."

In the Vols final scrimmage of the off-season, Patterson and quarterback Tyler Bray hooked up for a 10-yard touchdown, something fans hope to see plenty of this upcoming year.

"It's been a great training camp. I'm just ready to start playing," said Patterson.

Tennessee starts the season against North Carolina State on Aug. 31 in the Georgia Dome as a part of the Chick-fil-A Kick-Off Game.