Pat Summitt's glare can cause paralysis in even the strongest individuals.

She can make an opposing coach falter and referees lose their voice.

But nothing is more intimidating than when she calls someone out for not performing to the best of her abilities. This is what happened to Lady Vols junior forward Shekinna Stricklen. But like all great players, she rose to the challenge.

"At the shootaround before the Ole Miss game, Coach Summitt came up to me and asked me if I knew my stats," Stricklen said.

Stricklen, of course, knew them. This season, unlike past ones, where she has been a go-to player on offense, has seen her scoring average dip to around 11 points per game. This, in Summitt's mind, was an unacceptable number for one of her star players.

And Stricklen agreed.

"Pat is always right," she said. "... I wasn't playing to my abilities."

Summitt also called out Stricklen for becoming too complacent in her new role of playing more down low in the post. She wanted to see Stricklen move outside more and create new opportunities and mismatches, not only for herself, but also for her teammates.

This past week, Stricklen has taken Summitt's words to heart, and has responded with arguably her best run of the season.

In three of her past five games, Stricklen has recorded a double-double in points and rebounds. And in the past two games, she notched 18 points and 16 rebounds against South Carolina and 18 points and six rebounds against Auburn.

However, these results did not surprise anyone, especially junior forward Glory Johnson, who has watched Stricklen the past three years.

"She's a great player," Johnson said. "She can do it all really from the one to the five (positions). She can play the point guard one game and then go in and be a post player whenever Pat needs her."

Johnson also was not shocked at how well Stricklen had responded to Summitt's challenge.

"The last three games Coach Summitt has really gotten on to her for not scoring," Johnson said. "She told her to go out and play her game, and so she picked it up a whole lot more.

Stricklen's recent performances have not gone unnoticed by some former Lady Vols. After the South Carolina game, Stricklen was approached by Lady Vols great Chamique Holdsclaw, who had some advice for her.

"She came up to me and told me, 'You're doing good, but there is still some things that you need to work on and take advantage of,'" Stricklen said. "She was really just encouraging me and telling me to keep up the hard work."

Stricklen also said that Holdsclaw stressed to her the importance of using her own versatility to attack the basket, move around in the open court and catch others off guard by mixing up her pace.

These words hit home for Stricklen, as she said Holdsclaw was one of her favorite players.

"I respect her," Stricklen said. "I loved her game, and I watched every game she played here at Tennessee ... She can play basically every position, too."