Senior forward/guard Angie Bjorklund has almost finished her final year with the Lady Vols, but she is still enjoying college life and a chance to finish strong.

    Tennessee won the women’s NCAA national championship during Bjorklund’s freshman year, and Bjorklund has gone on to enjoy a successful career as a Lady Vol. Coach Pat Summitt discussed Bjorklund’s abilities after a recent game and praised her ability to shoot.

    “When she’s on, she’s one of the best shooters that we've ever had in this program,” Summitt said. “From the LSU game, I watched tape with her and Taber (Spani) and Kamiko (Williams). She was rushing things. She’s starting to understand that she has to work hard. We have to set screens for her. She can’t just catch and shoot because everybody knows that she’s the best shooter on our team. She has to work harder and come off screens. She needs a little space.”

    Basketball is something that has been a very important part of Bjorklund’s life for many years and is one she would like to keep. After UT, Bjorklund would like to continue playing basketball and then go on to coach at the college level.

    “I’m majoring in psychology,” Bjorklund said. “I’ve always wanted to coach, be a college coach, so it was kind of between communications and psychology. I talked to my coach and she said those both were great. I took a psychology class and loved it. I’m interested in that topic and then at the same time, it will help with my career.”

    Though this is what Bjorklund would like to do with her life, she knows she will have to wait and see what opportunities will come her way. Her coaching goals don’t rest on any one team, but on any opportunity she might have to coach at a collegiate level.

    “I want to continue to try and play for a few years after college if I have the opportunity and then just go from there,” said Bjorklund. “I’m open to any opportunities, wherever I have the chance to coach, that would be a dream.”

    Along with the championship in 2007, Bjorklund enjoyed the friendships she made with her teammates and the opportunity to work with Summitt. The memories and lessons she has learned as a member of the Lady Vols will continue on throughout her professional career.

    “We’ve built this team up from when I was a sophomore,” Bjorklund said. “It’s just been fun getting to know everyone and getting comfortable on the court with everyone and playing with them all. Also just definitely Pat Summitt, playing for her. I’ve always wanted to since I was little, so that’s been a dream.”

    Though basketball takes up a lot of her time, Bjorklund enjoys whatever free time she has to spend time with her teammates and friends. From hiking in the Smoky Mountains, to going to the movies, to going to Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg with friends, Bjorklund has enjoyed several hobbies during her career in Knoxville.

    “I like to go to the movies with teammates and friends,” she said. “I really like hiking. A couple times I got my teammates to come out hiking with me. I really like the outdoors, especially during the summer and then also just hanging out during the season with teammates. Sometimes when I need a change, just going out to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg is a lot of fun, just to kinda get away and enjoy the outdoors.”

    As the year comes to a close, Bjorklund realizes that her time with the Lady Vols is short and feels the urgency to end strong. With this in mind, she is hoping to invest more in the game and in her teammates than she ever has before.

    “It’s the last year,” Bjorklund said. “I’ve been getting in the gym more than I ever have. I’ve been trying to pour into my teammates as much as I can. 

    “It’s the last few months so I think just leaving it all out there and just working as hard as I can.”