Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison. Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne. Peyton Manning and whomever the Colts pick up out of the parking lot.
These great passing connections all have one thing in common: chemistry. The quarterback and the receiver knew each other very well. They knew how they moved. They knew what they could do. And they knew how they could do it. This chemistry is what allows these names to stand out in football history, while others fall to the wayside. The importance of this connection is what has Volunteer fans and coaches alike excited for the possibilities of wide receiver Da’Rick Rogers and quarterback Nash Nance.
While Rogers and Nance may lack the name recognition of other duos in college football, they have one thing that many others do not. Unlike other tandems, these two have not been friends since they first stepped on campus, but instead since their sophomore year of high school.
“We were both in a training camp at Darling High School,” Nance said, reminiscing on the first time he saw Rogers. “Da’Rick switched receiver lines to get in the one with me. After that we just hit it off and we became best friends.”
For Nance, the benefit of a receiver with the skill set of Rogers was immediately apparent.
 “The first three catches he had in that practice he scored on,” Nance said. “I was just like, ‘Who is this kid? And where did he come from?’”
While Nance was first struck by Rogers’ immense talent, Rogers’ first impression off Nance was based more on him as a person.
 “He was the goofiest guy ever,” Rogers said. “He made me laugh about everything. He made everything so funny. And it just so happened that we all played football and all hung out together.”
In their senior year of high school, Nance threw for 3,000 yards, with over 1,600 of them going to Rogers. It was the pair’s immediate connection that allowed them to succeed on the field.
“It made everything so much easier,” Rogers said. “When I ran routes, we knew what was really going to happen. He knew how I was going to react to a certain defensive back. So he just always put the ball where he knew I wanted it.”
Their success in turn lead to numerous scholarship offers for both, with Rogers verbally committing to Georgia and Nance to Vanderbilt. But it was ultimately their friendship that drew the two back together again on National Signing Day.
 “I came to him and I told him that I was going to go to UT,” Nance said. “And I said, ‘I really want you to come with me. We can do all the things we did in high school and take it to the next level.’”
Due to Nance’s insistence, Rogers began to waver on his pledge to Georgia.
“At first, he decommitted and I went on a visit with him,” Rogers said. “I ended up loving it. And I decommitted too.”
 In their first year on campus together, the two friends decided to be roommates.
“I was more of the clean one and he was more of the rowdy one,” Nash said with a sly smile thinking about their old living situation. “We played well off each other, and we both rubbed off each other. We helped one another out.”
Due to Nash redshirting his freshman year, the two have yet to be on the field for a game in college together. But that does not stop them from dreaming about the chance of rekindling the magic they shared on Fridays in Calhoun, Ga., just two years ago. Even if all that fails, the two might find their way into a “Rob and Big”-esque MTV reality show.
“A nice little reality show on MTV ... that would be hilarious,” Rogers said. “It would be the ‘Nash and Da’Rick Show.’ I’d take the end because that will be the last thing they say and the last thing in people’s minds.”
 Regardless of their futures in football or possible MTV fame, Nance sees his friendship with Rogers as an integral component of his life .
“I know that I’ll know Da’Rick for the rest of my life and he’ll know me. We will always wish the best for each other.”