This week the South Carolina Gamecocks (5-2, 3-2 SEC), prepare to take the field against Tennessee Volunteers (2-5, 0-4), in the Williams-Brice Stadium.

South Carolina is a team that's healthy and has plenty of depth.

"We're very healthy at this time of the year," Gamecock coach Steve Spurrier said. "Almost everyone is available to play, so we're in a position to go play these guys."

In the last 18 years, the Gamecocks have only won three times against the Vols. Spurrier plans on preparing for this game just like every other, but he does not want to completely forget the past.

"(History) always factors into the game," Spurrier said. "History always factors into everything a little bit. Not completely, but we're preparing like most of our games this year. We're not trying to overhype any one game. We're trying to improve and play a lot better than we did last week."

Tennessee is playing many underclassmen, but Spurrier felt that the amount of young players the Vols play has only a small impact on how the team performs.

"I heard they had 10 senior starters on that team," Spurrier said of Tennessee. "We all play a lot of freshman. If you're a good player, it doesn't matter if you're a freshman or a senior. It just depends on how they play."

Last week against the Commodores, South Carolina changed up its offensive play calling. Going into the game, offensive coordinator G.A. Mangus called most of the shots, with Spurrier only voicing his opinion occasionally.

"I really think the coach that spends the most time with the quarterback should probably be calling the plays," Spurrier said. "G.A. was sort of the main guy there."

After the Gamecocks' loss to Kentucky two weeks ago, Spurrier saw the need to hand off the offensive play calling over to Mangus. He placed his attention on improving on other aspects of the game like special teams and pass defense. Specifically, on punt returns against the Wildcats, South Carolina had negative return yards.

"I was doing most of it (offensive play calling) prior to the Vandy game," Spurrier said. "I decided a little change up might be best for us, and that's how we're gonna keep it right now. I spent a little bit of time with pass defense. Hopefully our pass defense is sound. Now I'm going to try and help out the punt return a little bit."

Though South Carolina is a heavy favorite against UT, Spurrier refuses to let the hype undermine the fact that his team still needs to be ready to play the Vols.

"Statistically we're not a whole lot better than some of these teams," Spurrier said. "We've given up a bunch of yards, up until last week. We held up pretty well against Vandy, but really we just need to improve and focus on playing our best game."

After seeing the success Alabama had against Tennessee last Saturday, South Carolina plans on taking advantage of its passing game by spreading the ball to talented receivers Alshon Jeffery and Tori Gurley. Gurley is especially ready to take the field against the Vols.

"We've got to go out steamrolling," Gurley said. "The coaches put us in great position, and we just need to execute."

Running back Brian Maddox is wary of Tennessee's potential and does not want to lose another game.

"Coming down off a loss from Kentucky still has left a bitter taste in everyone's mouth, and we don't want to experience that again," Maddox said. "They're still Tennessee, still a great bunch of guys that play really hard. They are going to come here ready to play, and they are very capable of beating us if we don't come prepared Saturday."

Another piece of good news for South Carolina is the return of starting running back Marcus Lattimore. Lattimore suffered a minor ankle injury during the Kentucky game, but he is expected to return for the game against Tennessee.