A reliable and easy-going force for the Tennessee Vols, wide receiver Zach Rogers can be described as a hard worker and a trustworthy friend and teammate.

Though a new and younger player, Rogers continues to prove himself as an asset to the team and the university. After moving to Knoxville from Nashville his freshman year of college, Rogers has developed friendships among his teammates and has created a bond with them that has carried through game-time interactions to personal realms as well.

“Zach and I are actually in a class together,” junior quarterback Matt Simms said. “We’re in business communications. He’s always helping me out in that class for sure.”

Simms said that though players are encouraged to avoid sitting with other teammates in class, he and Rogers have kind of broken the rules. He said they can’t seem to help sitting with one another, and they end up “busting each other’s chops” when they are together, including during class time. But even with these fun and seemingly unproductive occasions, the finance major, Rogers, seems to be doing well in his studies.

“It’s going good,” Rogers said of his business communications class. “We’re doing pretty well in it. It’s a business writing class, so we’re staying on top of things and trying to come out with good grades.”

His ability in the classroom is no secret to his classmate and teammate Simms, as well.

“He’s an extremely intelligent person,” Simms said.

A sophomore at the university, Rogers has gotten a lot of playing time this season and has proved himself worthy while on the field. He is following in the footsteps of his older brother, former Vols wide receiver Austin Rogers.

“He’s a great guy, and he’s a young receiver,” Simms said referring to Zach Rogers. “He’s got plenty of potential to be a good player here.”

After starting in the last 12 games that he’s been involved in, Rogers has caught three passes for a total of 19 yards and has also proven himself a valuable member on the special teams unit. His season-long reception of 11 yards came in his Vol debut against Western Kentucky last year. Competitive at heart, Rogers is willing to put himself on the line for the team.

“I’m a competitor,” Rogers said. “I’m gonna come out there every time, and I think that’s shown even out here in practice. I try to come in everyday and get better, and I try to carry that over to games.”

While football and his involvement in Fellowship of Christian Athletes takes up much of his time, Rogers enjoys fishing during his free time, and though he won’t reveal his fishing holes and is willing to fish anywhere, he likes to fish in remote and less frequented areas in search of larger fish. This is his way to relax and ease out of the pressures of everyday life.

“I’m a big fisherman,” Rogers said. “I just love going out there and just kinda getting away from everything and relax my mind and catch a couple fish while I’m at it. That’s what I enjoy.”

Though the overall team spirit and fan support is low as the Vols reach the halfway point of the season with a record of 2-4, Rogers feels that the team is doing better relationally than they were last year and feels that this is an improvement. He’s hopeful for the future.

“I think we have a lot better chemistry as a team,” Rogers said. “I love coming out with these guys everyday. Our receiver corps is a really tight, close-knit group, and that’s what we didn’t have since I’ve been here. We were close last year, but this year we took it to a different level so that’s what I’ve been enjoying.”