A freshman from Cibolo, Texas, Meighan Simmons has joined the Lady Vols basketball team and has brought talent and confidence to the team.

Simmons has shown that she is a valuable asset to the team and can compete on a higher level as she marches her way through the season. Coach Pat Summitt said that Simmons’ abilities have surprised and impressed her.

“I didn’t know that she would have this kind of impact,” Summitt said. “I knew she was a great athlete, but I didn’t know about her skill set. She is very skilled, and she’s very confident to be a freshman, and you don’t see that very often.”

Summitt said Simmons is quick and makes a lot of good things happen, and Simmons said Summitt’s experience has meant a lot to her.

“It means a lot,” Simmons said. “I mean, I never thought that I’d come here and play as much as I do.”

The pressure that comes with being a freshman and getting a lot of playing time on the court is challenging, but Simmons doesn’t seem to struggle with confidence. She feels that playing here has built her confidence, and this shows when she’s on the court.

“It’s just a whole thing with confidence,” Simmons said. “I think starting off here, my confidence was at a really high level, and I’m still trying to keep it up there.”

As Simmons has an opportunity to interact with more of the players, the thing about her that impresses her fellow players most is her confidence. Sophomore Taber Spani said that her aggressive mindset and confidence help her play the game.

“She’s just got a very aggressive mindset,” Spani said. “I think that’s played to her advantage, and she’s shooting the ball very well. She’s really helped us offensively the first two games, and she’s confident. I think that’s part of who she is, and I think that really helps her game a lot.”

While confident on the court and naturally talented at basketball, Simmons is still trying to figure out the ropes of college life. Simmons is gliding through her freshman year as a Lady Vol, but she said that there is one that that challenges her more than anything.

“I guess just managing time,” Simmons said. “Like my school and basketball.”

As she wrestles with the age-old bane of a college student’s life, Simmons enjoys many extracurricular activities besides basketball. She said that she enjoys sleeping more than anything, but there are a few other things she is interested in.

“I like to go to Gatlinburg, ride roller coasters, stuff like that,” Simmons said. “I just like to chill with my teammates.”

When Simmons isn’t with her teammates or sleeping, the undecided freshman can’t make up her mind between sports management or child and family studies. When these issues aren’t pressuring her, she said she enjoys meeting new people and a new environment, especially after moving from Texas.

“(I like) learning new weather,” Simmons said. “I’m used to hot weather so I guess just learning a new culture and just being around in Tennessee period.”