With two wins consecutive wins, against Memphis last week and Ole Miss on Saturday, the Vols have plenty to be confident about as they see a tumultuous season come to a close this month.

Tauren Poole, who has 208 rushing yards and three touchdowns over those two games, is well on his way to helping the Vols accomplish what Nick Reveiz referred to as “No-Loss November.”

Coming off a second straight week of rushing for more than 100 yards, after tallying for 101 against Memphis, a game in which he rushed for more individually than the entire opposing team’s offense, Poole has had plenty to celebrate about. Even so, after the game, he felt the need to address a post-touchdown celebration of his.

“I would just like to start off by apologizing to Ole Miss for celebrating,” Poole said, referring to his fourth-quarter touchdown, which came with the game already well in hand. “I wasn’t trying to showboat.”

Poole didn’t take off until the third quarter against Ole Miss, even though the Vols led the Rebels 31-14 at halftime. Given Tennessee’s struggles throughout the season in the third quarter, Poole said the team was aiming for a more consistent moment.

“We got everything adjusted,” Poole said of the Volunteer offense. “I had to stick with it and stay the pace of the game.”

Poole exploded in the third quarter, going 36 yards for his first touchdown of the game and giving the Vols a 45-14 edge, and did so again during the fourth, taking another hand-off 35 yards for another Volunteer touchdown with 8:46 remaining.

Having back-to-back weeks of wins with huge margins, Poole and the rest of the Volunteer squad can see the difference in the team after what was a winless October.

“Confidence has a lot to do with it,” Poole said.

“We played aggressively, very fast,” UT coach Derek Dooley said. “I felt like we were readily prepared, we stayed focused.”

Dooley said the team is coming off its best two weeks of practice, a claim to which linebacker Nick Reveiz agreed.

“We’ve had our best two weeks of practice, and it shows,” Reveiz said. “You can see it in our confidence on the field.”

Reveiz said that the consistent momentum throughout the game also helped the Vols remain consistent throughout what have been rough third quarters this season.

“We kept building on that momentum,” Reveiz said. “We came out after halftime ignoring the score on the board and acting like the score was 0-0.”

Reveiz said the team is just aiming for a good end to the season.

“You know, October was rough,” Reveiz said. “We’re trying to have a ‘No-Loss November.’ We don’t want any losses this month. We just want a good end to the season, to come out one week at a time and play a consistently good game.”

Looking back to last season when the Volunteers were hammered 42-17 in Oxford, Miss., Reveiz said revenge was not the driving force behind Saturday’s blowout.

“We weren’t looking for revenge,” Reveiz said. “They made mistakes and we capitalized on them.”

When asked about the season so far, especially the sudden advances the Volunteers have made, Dooley said progress is the operative word for now.

“Progress,” Dooley said of his team’s strides. “We’ve come pretty far, but we’ve still got a ways to go.”