Your View: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Mon Apr 20, 2015


The appeal of “going green” extends beyond the love of pungent indica and sativa. It feeds the insatiable desire for more of just about everything that consumers crave. The tipping point is inching towards its fulcrum and the United States has the opportunity to set historical precedent for international drug ...

Students deserve to choose our representation

Wed Mar 11, 2015

Dear Editor,

As a member of the student body who votes in Student Government Association elections, I believe the selection process for Student Trustee leaves much to be desired. Furthermore, news outlets that students rely on fail to publish information critical to an informed democracy.

Take for example the selection ...

Early literacy takes second stage as Washington debates education bill

Wed Mar 04, 2015

For years, educators and policy-makers have debated over the deficiencies of No Child Left Behind, which mandated school accountability through standardized testing. The Obama administration’s Common Core waivers and added teacher assessments only aggravated the problem.

The federal education law is up for renewal, and Tennessee senator Lamar Alexander ...

DiPietro should be “de-tenured” for failure to make UT Top 25

Wed Mar 04, 2015

Last Thursday, President of UT Joe DiPietro proposed a cost-savings plan to the UT Board of Trustees that calls for the “enacting of a de-tenure process,” among other action items. Certainly, the fiscal situation at UT appears challenging, and many of DiPietro’s proposed actions seem worthy of consideration in ...

Facilities services fixes more than sidewalks

Thu Jan 22, 2015

On behalf of UT Facilities Services and the many people across our campus and in the community who support our work, I'd like to respond to the column "Congratulations on the sidewalk, University of Tennessee" written by Mr. Grayson Hawkins and published in the Jan. 16 edition of The ...

Letter to the Editor

Fri Jan 09, 2015

Wednesday morning, we were faced with another reminder that our world is scary, chaotic, incomprehensible. What do we say, what can we say, in the face of violence, in the face of murder? We don't always have the answers, and we certainly don't always ask the right questions ...

Campus racism: starting the conversation

Mon Dec 01, 2014

Dear editor,

I read your editorial regarding the suspension of the two UT football players titled "Stop the sexual assault shame," and I was deeply moved by it. I commend you. It's about time that someone stood up and said what needed to be said. Sometimes we think it ...

Facing the facts about gender neutral/family style restrooms

Mon Nov 17, 2014

Dear Editor,

Social media has recently been abuzz ever since students from the Student Government Association's Diversity Affairs Committee passed a bill in the Student Senate on Nov. 4 for one bathroom in most UT buildings to be converted to gender neutral/family style. Noting the ambiguity of this ...

Sexual assault is never a laughing matter

Tue Sep 30, 2014

Dear Editor,

In the past several weeks, the campus community has become more aware of incidences of sexual assault in our university environment. Every week, we receive alerts from UT campus police that women on campus have been subjected to assault, rape, forced fondling and stalking to name a few ...

Save lives, remember those who can't

Thu Sep 18, 2014

I'm a gay male, and I'm full of blood.

I don't usually lead with either of those things when I introduce myself to people. The first one tends to come out eventually if you talk to me long enough (especially if, say, we're standing by a ...