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The price is too high: We don't belong in Iraq

Wed Jul 02, 2014

History repeats itself: politicians and pundits are considering intervention in Iraq once again.

Less than three years since the United States withdrew from Iraq, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), an Islamic extremist group, has taken over nearly half of the country's territory.

In the aftermath ...

The choice is yours: opt-in, or miss out

Wed Jun 25, 2014

We were told that college would be all about making choices.

This has held true, as we've chosen everything from our class schedules, our roommates, our study habits and even our attendance at the University of Tennessee. Our decisions are our own, and they perpetually shape the direction of ...

Internet contains opportunities and dangers

Wed Jun 11, 2014

Hashtags and updates and selfies, oh my.

The Internet itself is still fairly new. It became commercially popular in the mid-1990s, right around the time the current generation of college students was being born–and as we grew up, so did the Internet.

While we went through puberty, the Internet ...

Summer in Knoxville lacking in social activities

Wed Jun 11, 2014

Ah, my first summer at the University of Tennessee. I don't know what I was really expecting, but I wasn't thinking it'd be the boring drudge that I've experienced thus far. I honestly hope some of you guys identify with what I'm saying; I know ...

Real college education lies in the skills you learn

Wed Jun 04, 2014

There's nothing like a great summer job to kill your motivation to keep pushing through school.

Last summer, I landed my "dream" internship– one that allowed me to do precisely the kind of work I want to do after graduation. The experience left me hungry for more. When I ...

Everything you need to know in life you learn in kindergarten

Wed Jun 04, 2014

Five-year-olds are fascinating–they sprint everywhere; they sneeze with reckless abandon; they regularly rank 'rolling in the dirt' among their top-five-things-to-do-today. To be five is to know freedom.

This summer, I am working as a camp counselor for a group of 12 kindergartners. After spending just over a week with ...

Four things you have to do in college

Mon Jun 02, 2014

Welcome to a new chapter of your life.

As a person who lived in the same town for the first 18 years of my life, I'm not ashamed to say move-in day was one of the most emotional days I've experienced. With excitement and a healthy dose of ...

Construction gives UT chance to accommodate impaired

Wed Apr 09, 2014

The little piece of bone on the X-ray printout mocked me as the doctor said the words "surgery" and "crutches" and "MRI."

I sat on the hospital bed in shock – did I seriously just break my leg? Was the X-ray wrong? Could that little fragment just stop its field trip through my knee joint and go back where it belongs, please?

Until this year, I hadn't broken a bone or needed crutches – I've led a cautious life. So it's been hard for me to transition from a life of hustling all over campus to months of ice, crutches, pain pills and frustration.

I cannot think of a campus more ill-fitted for crutches, with constant topographical changes that make my abs and arms scream in pain just typing these words. We all like to complain about walking up those hills, but you don't know hills until you've had to conquer them on crutches.

Kit Fisto – the galaxy’s greatest Jedi of all-time

Tue Apr 01, 2014

Over the past 30 years of development, director George Lucas has created a universe for his "Star Wars" franchise that is longer than human history.

Throughout the 36,000 years of the "Star Wars" canon there have been thousands of heroes and villains rise and fall and millions of young ...

White to the third power: arithmetic’s supremacist agenda

Tue Apr 01, 2014

The other day in philosophy class, my professor and I got into a heated discussion about America's so-called "war on drugs."

During a recent lecture, my professor – a cold, heartless communist sympathizer who hates traditional American values and believes in heavy government regulation and the redistribution of wealth – laid ...