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It's all happening

Fri Apr 24, 2015

When I came to UT, it was with the firm conviction I was not going to graduate.

Sure, I would do this for a semester, maybe even two for the sole purpose of appeasing my parents. But actually reaching graduation would be a moot point once the all-girl, bluesy rock ...

A Lady Vols beat writer says goodbye

Fri Apr 24, 2015

My entire life I have had a passion for one thing in particular: sports.

At the age of 2, I was playing whiffle ball in my back yard with my dad, and by the age of 5, I was collecting baseball cards and keeping up with my favorite players' statistics ...

A fond farewell

Fri Apr 24, 2015

When I was a sophomore, Lisa Gary gave me what I didn’t realize would be advice that changed the course of my time at UT. She simply wrote on my first article, “Do you write for the Beacon? If not, you should.”

As a directionless public relations major I ...

Saying goodbye is always hard

Fri Apr 24, 2015

I don’t like change, but I must say that coming to The Daily Beacon has been the best change I have made in my time here at UT. I never would’ve thought I would be selling ads when I was younger, but it has definitely become a passion ...

The world through the eyes of a straight-edge student

Mon Apr 20, 2015


I tell people all the time what I am: I'm a follower of Jesus, a UT journalism student and a country music enthusiast (or at least that's what my Twitter bio tells me). But I never really get the chance to explain what I'm not.

I'm ...

Letter from the Real Editor

Wed Apr 01, 2015

Back in August, when I first began my reign as queen of this fine newspaper, The Daily Beacon, our esteemed managing editor (and my lady-in-waiting) pitched the idea to join forces with The Tangerine for a special issue.

To which we answered, “who?”

When she enlightened us to the existence ...

Letter from the Editor

Wed Apr 01, 2015

Dear reader,

Didn’t expect to find me here, did you? Trust me, I’m just as shocked as you are; I never thought my good friends from The Daily Beacon would ask me to write a letter from the editor for their very special, very funny April Fools’ Day ...

Kelsey Keny to extend SGA reign indefinitely

Wed Apr 01, 2015

For the first time in University of Tennessee history, a Student Government Association president will continue her reign after graduation. 

Kelsey Keny, elected in 2014, has decided that due to the lack of suitable candidates in this year's election (and an incurable thirst for power), she will continue her ...

Thousands injured in first eno accident of semester

Wed Apr 01, 2015

Spring has officially sprung at the University of Tennessee, heralded in by the pitter-patter of Chacos, warm weather followed by cold weather followed by warm weather and, of course, Enos: the hammock craze sweeping campus quads across the nation.

However, these hipster cocoons aren’t all fun and relaxation. Several ...

The “Green Revolution” is run by the Reds

Wed Apr 01, 2015

How’d it feel when you walked outside this morning? I don’t know about you, but it seems a little chillier than it should be this time of year. And it’s not just today; this February went down as one of the top 5 coldest months in recorded ...

2015 SGA Debate contains actual mudslinging

Wed Apr 01, 2015

On Monday night, students and oratory enthusiasts alike flocked to McClung Museum to watch this year’s Student Government Association candidates duke it out using the spoken word.

While many expected the inherent cattiness and unprofessional trip artisanship generally associated with election debates , this year's attendees got more entertainment ...

Sex Week's groovy origins: EXPOSED

Wed Apr 01, 2015

The 1997 cult classic “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” entertained audiences with the raucous story of a spy cryogenically frozen in 1967 for the purpose of defeating his arch nemesis Dr. Evil in the future, when free love is no longer the norm and greed and corruption run rampant ...

Campus is beautiful in every single way

Wed Apr 01, 2015

Dear The Daily Beacon,

I am writing to you in rage. Why am I so angry? For many reasons, actually:

  1. Because I’m a naturally hot-headed person.
  2. Because I refuse to compromise on my opinions.
  3. Because I am graduating in May and everyone keeps asking me what I’m doing ...

Starbucks backpedals after #RaceTogether fiasco

Wed Apr 01, 2015

Earlier this month, Starbucks began writing #RaceTogether on cups of overpriced coffee-flavored sugar in attempt to start up conversations about race.

Public outrage ensued, resulting in the campaign's termination shortly thereafter.

Many patrons took the employees' attempts to discuss black culture as an incorrect order confirmation.

One local resident ...