I’m sure you’re all well-informed on this topic and don’t need another psychotic liberal telling you why we should allow abortion because I just hate babies. Therefore, I’m not going to say that. Why? Because this argument has been run into the ground, beaten, buried, dug up, beaten again and then reburied. People have been debating this in circles for decades and nothing will come of it. Republicans will never overturn it or even try to restrict it. The debate has devolved into which side can demonize the other. Pro-lifers are portrayed as women-hating bigots and pro-choicers are portrayed as merciless baby-killers. The debate has become nothing but pointless politicization.
Roe v. Wade happened in 1973. It’s 2011 and has been a whopping 38 years since this decision. Every single one of those glorious years has been filled with endless debate surrounding this issue, but nothing has come of it. Think about it: It’s an easy political device that stirs up the populace’s anger and gets them to vote for you. Republicans have been anti-abortion for God knows how long and have done pretty much nothing in overturning or even restricting abortions. Yet, abortion is always brought up in various debates for various positions and the pro-choicers are declared to be baby-killers and therefore are spawns of Satan and other such nonsense.
How many times have you had the picture of an “aborted” fetus paraded around like it was the latest and greatest item on the market and it’s yours for only three payments of $19.99? Now, I hope you all know that those photos definitely are not actually aborted fetuses, rather they’re stillborn or faked. First trimester abortions, the most common kind, involve suction and shreds the fetus. The later abortions do in fact produce fetal parts, but do you know what they do with them? They dispose of them immediately. The reason for this is because there could be blood-borne pathogens on those tiny arms and legs. This is an OSHA regulation and so there is literally no time for casual photography.
This is a pointless debate that is getting us nowhere.  Pro-lifers will always declare fetuses to be human beings and will parade around those pictures of stillborns. Pro-choicers will always say that it’s their body so leave them alone. Let’s move on to something that actually matters, like the fact that we’re spending almost a trillion dollars a year on a military that is about as bloated and worthless as Mr. Creosote while our healthcare is ranked 37th by the World Health Organization, and dropping steadily, or that our education system is producing a generation of failures who can’t do basic math without a calculator. The abortion debate will always be around, and it will never be resolved. The Republicans will push it to the forefront for every election to get voters out, and Democrats will be spineless and passionless about it. Roe v. Wade is not going to ever get overturned, so give it up and protest something that actually matters.
I can hear the clamors of readers crying about how if they give it up then nothing will get changed. This is true, but nothing will get changed even if you don’t quit protesting.  The Republicans will still be cartoon villains and the Democrats will still be spineless cowards. The debate around abortion is one of the greatest political manipulation tools that has been conceived and the Republicans aren’t going to abandon it by fulfilling their promises. Instead, the protestors have simply turned into a crowd of sheep mindlessly bleating “baby killer” to anyone who will listen.
I am tired of seeing these disgusting photos that have little to do with the actual issue. If I were to stand on Pedestrian Mall holding posters showing the atrocities of America and the victims we have mercilessly slaughtered, I would get arrested for obscenity. The mutilated prostheses posters that these people hold are just as disgusting and obscene, yet they are allowed to turn the stomachs of students and innocents alike. I have no problem with people protesting issues they are passionate about, but at least be honest about it. Signs that say “Bush is Hitler,” “Abortion Doctors are Hitler,” “Abortion is the same as genocide because it totally is focused on a specific race or creed with the goal of total elimination” do nothing but create easy straw men for mockery.

— Aaron Moyer is a junior in philosophy. He can be reached at amoyer3@utk.edu.