Mayor-elect Madeline Rogero, 59, defeated Mark Padgett in the Knoxville mayor’s race Tuesday with 58 percent of the votes.
Rogero held her election night party at The Foundry, located in downtown Knoxville. Prior to the event, a fake bomb was discovered in a WBIR vehicle. Rogero was not in the building at the time of the issue. No one was injured.
Padgett and his campaign accepted defeat at his election night party, which was held at the Sunsphere.
“Even though the results tonight were disappointing, I am so very proud of everyone in this room,” Padgett said. “We all still raised $535,000 and we talked to 38,000 Knoxvillians. I am proud and thankful to you all for that. I hope with the defeat of the campaign our dreams and visions don’t die.”
Rogero raised a little more than $345,000 in campaign funds until September, spending much of her funding on a consulting firm based in Washington, D.C.
Padgett congratulated Rogero and stated his hope of being in Knoxville’s future.
“I wish Madeline the very best,” Padgett said. “Knoxville’s best days are ahead of her and I want to be a part of that.”
 He then commented on the election as a whole by saying it is the most transparent election Knoxville has ever had.
“It has been the most open campaign, and that is always a good thing,” Padgett said.
Rogero is Knoxville’s first female mayor. If Padgett won, he would have been Knoxville’s youngest mayor in 125 years.
Rogero commented on Padgett’s young age, saying she thought he should start out by running for city council.
Despite the defeat, supporters filled the Sunsphere for an election night party hosted by the Padgett campaign. Many were hopeful for a win, but felt the race would be tight.
“I think it’s going to be really close,” Erin Herman, supporter and longtime friend of the Padgett family, said. “I definitely think Mark is the right man for the job though. He’s a great diplomat and is good at understanding people and their issues.”
 Ivan Harmon, a former opponent of Padgett in the primaries, was at the event to show his support despite the outcome.
 “Mark has put a lot of effort into the campaign,” Harmon said. “He worked 36 hours straight until tonight. He’s taken a lot of time and money to really understand the issues.”
 Roughly 20,000 voters turned out to vote, which is only a fraction of Knoxville’s estimated 184,000 people.
Before the results, Harmon also felt the race would be close, and that voter turnout greatly affects the results.
“Early voting for the primary really helps, but the people who come out and vote on election day are people who really want to be there,” Harmon said. “But when it comes down to it a lot of people just aren’t voting.”
Harmon also discussed Padgett’s young age and future career.
 “He has a lot of life left to live,” Harmon said. “If he doesn’t win, I strongly encourage him to run for city council or county commission.”
Padgett concluded his speech by thanking his wife, who he called “my hero and best friend.”
Rogero is set to announce her key appointees in the upcoming weeks.