BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. Seven men suspected of running a drug ring in East Tennessee were arrested after undercover police officers bought over 220 pounds of cocaine.
A 30-count federal indictment was unsealed Wednesday, a day after the men were arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine in Tennessee and several other states, according to Sullivan County District Attorney Greeley Wells.
The man police believe headed the ring, Gerald Scott Long, of Kingsport, has already pleaded guilty to trafficking charges. He is currently awaiting sentencing in federal court.
The indictment says the men pooled their money and drove to Florida to buy cocaine before returning to East Tennessee. The men then sold cocaine in several states, including Tennessee, from August 1996 to November 2000.
Wells would not specify where the men operated outside of Tennessee.
This is the highest level of drug dealer you're going to find in this part of the country, Wells said. We consider this to be the most major case that we have uncovered in the last 25 years.
Arrested and charged were Herman Rosenboro, 50, and Jeremy Marsh, 25, of Kingsport; Jonathan Lytle, 22, of Bristol; Michael Kevin Evans, 31, Tommy Tylee Henry, 21, Jeff Teague, 44, and David Brandon, 20, all of Kingsport.