Knoxville police are still searching for the suspects in the murder of
Cynthia Page, a UT graduate and assistant manager of Papa John's Pizza on
Western Avenue.

Police are looking for the driver of a tan Chevy Malibu which was spotted
casing the restaurant Thursday night, said Randy York, an investigator from
the Knoxville Police Department. The police are trying to identify who was
driving the car. There are no imminent arrests expected in connection with
the case.

"We don't know if [the Malibu] had anything to do with [the murder]," York

York indicated the KPD knew the amount of money stolen from the
restaurant's bank night deposit bag, but refused to say how much, citing
the need to not discuss evidence.

A previous newspaper article stated that a customer found Page's body
Saturday, around 5:12 p.m. York said this was incorrect. It was an employee
who found her at around 5 p.m. He also said a local television station
reported that the victim's purse had been found in a field, but that is
also incorrect.

Page had recently been promoted to assistant manager at the restaurant,
said Ron Aguiar, director of safety and security at Papa John's
International. She was in charge of closing the restaurant the night of her
murder. There had been no previous robberies at the Western Avenue

The Western Avenue Papa John's was closed Sunday because of the incident,
said Shawn Dayton, area supervisor. However, it is open Monday.

When asked if Papa John's would undertake any procedures to prevent another
robbery like this, Dayton said, "That's something we don't feel is
appropriate to discuss. We don't want to tell what our procedures are." He
went on to say that the KPD asked Papa John's not to discuss particular
aspects of the evidence.

Page worked as a resident assistant in Hess Hall during the 1992-93 school
year, said Jerry Adams, UT east area residence hall director.

According to the Office of Student Affairs, Page was a spring 1995 UT
graduate with a bachelor's degree in biochemistry. She was not currently
enrolled at UT.

A local memorial service is planned for 2 p.m. Saturday. A location has not
been set yet.