8.20.14 news BOO
Emilee Lamb • The Daily Beacon

Daniel Aisenbrey, an assistant groundskeeper at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens, lends a hand as volunteers from UT's Ignite Serves work to prepare a plot for the Big Orange Orchard project.

Big Orange Orchard breaks ground: New Vols lend their time and energy to make UT a greener place

The Big Orange Orchard project recently planted its first roots in Knoxville soil.

Volunteers from Ignite Serves, a five day leadership program for incoming freshman, toiled in the early morning of Thursday, Aug. 14, to prepare a potential plotting site for the Big Orange Orchard at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens.

Disposing of weeds and clearing topsoil, the freshmen volunteers completed the three-day groundbreaking event to transform the innovative Big Orange Orchard project into a reality.

Although liability and financial issues have prevented any planting from beginning on campus, the project has made headway in the past year after the Big Orange Orchard resolution was passed by the Student Senate last spring.