It's hard to believe anyone could have less acting talent than Mariah Carey with her performance in "Glitter". After seeing the cast of "You Got Served," however, it becomes much easier to comprehend.
The boys of B2K, Omarion, J-Boog, Lil Fizz and Raz-B grace us with their big screen debut, showing the audience that they should stick to what they do best ... singing and dancing.
"You Got Served" is the story of two best friends, David (Omarion) and Elgin (Marques Houston), who are trying to open up their own hip-hop dance and recording studio. In an effort to raise the money, the two friends and their "crew" compete in a number of street-dance competitions.
Wade (Christopher Jones), a crew leader from Orange County whose hair makes him look like he was electrocuted, challenges the boys and their crew to a dance-off. Their loss to Wade and his goons brings them to The Big Bounce, a big league dance competition where the winners get $50,000 and a spot in Lil' Kim's new video. Determined to get revenge and in desperate need of the money, the boys must overcome a list of obstacles to get their glory.
One of the major hurdles they must get through is David's new involvement with Elgin's younger sister Liyah (Jennifer Freeman).
David gets so caught up in trying to win Liyah's affection that he leaves Elgin to get beat up during a delivery of some secret "goods." Elgin's anger at his best friend and sister cause a breakup in the group and allegiances are formed. Through all of the painfully predictable drama, two of the characters provide some steady and much needed comic relief.
Elgin and Liyah's arthritic grandmother is determined to keep her grandson in check when he's around her, at the same time getting as much sympathy as possible for her aches and pains. Liyah's best friend Beautifull (Meagan Good) - yes, with two L's - loves to be the center of all male attention and has no problem reminding the guys of her incredible beauty. A few short appearances from Steve Harvey also provide some needed laughs at various "dramatic" points in the film.
The movie's saving graces are the numerous, superbly choreographed dance sequences. With a length of approximately an hour and a half, the film could've been 100 percent better by removing all the acting and leaving just the dance scenes in.
Now keep in mind that not all of the cast is trying to beat out Mariah for the "Worst Actor of the Year" award, but the majority of them could have used some serious pointers. The combination of less than mediocre acting and an uncreative and predictable story line makes "You Got Served" a movie that you might want to wait to see until it comes out on DVD.
If you just want to bust a move like those B2K boys, though, the soundtrack might be your best bet.

Grade: D+