Character , not rated, is written and directed by Mike van Diem and
is in Dutch with English subtitles.

Okay, so you have probably never heard of this film or the director.
Chances are you have never seen any of the actors before either. So why
should you pass up the opportunity to see the Earth destroyed yet again by
asteroids and check this movie out, instead?

I'll tell you.

First, you are reading a college newspaper, so you have some signs of brain
activity. You don't need to be spoon-fed sugary plots of asteroids
crash-landing on...deserted islands...on top of women not wearing any
underwear. Save that for video (You can freeze-frame and fast-forward). So
try out a movie that explores the depths of human emotions rather than the
depths of an empty head.

For a change, see actors that know how to play people who are realistic,
and believable characters, and yet possess the extreme limits of our
emotions. That's entertainment. These are people you have met, read about
or had dreams or nightmares about.

The character in this film is a dark, evil bailiff, who, with a simple
knock on the front door, throws out hundreds of poor tenants who can no
longer pay their rent. Who knows where they found this Dutch actor, but
with his hulking frame and oversized facial features on a head with no
neck, he truly embodies all that is cold and creepy in authority figures.
Anyway, he has a son out of wedlock with his maid. She flees with the child
to raise him on her own, away from the bailiff, who along with his ominous
looks has an equally foreboding name, Dreverhaven.

The boy, gifted with intelligence, grows up to become a promising clerk in
a local law firm. Because of all the tensions that radiate among this
disjointed mother/father/son, acts of anger, jealously, and revenge

I don't want to give away anymore of this film, but I strongly encourage
you to see it...or else Dreverhaven may sneak up and knock on your door.