The Crow, perhaps the best comic hero to grace the screen since Batman, has
returned to theaters.The Crow: City of Angels is set several years
after the first film, picking up with Sarah, who was a child in the
original, after she has grown and moved to L os Angeles.

Sarah, played by Mia Kirshner, begins to dream of The Crow and is drawn to
the harbor where she meets the newly resurrected Ashe, played by Vincent

Ashe, who was killed along with his son by vicious street thugs, is then
told by Sarah why he was brought back.

For anyone not familiar with the original film, the reason The Crow returns
is to exact bloody revenge on his murderers. Thus, enlightened to his new
goal, this is precisely what he does. Of course, he is almost stopped by
the bad guys, but being bad guys, their plans are doomed to fail.

This film does a good job of portraying the urban sprawl and filth of
future Los Angeles while maintaining the gothic feeling of the original.
The sets look like ancient castles decorated by sadists and bums. In fact
the bleak, dark world created by the film would make most third-world
prisons seem nice.

Perez also adds to the movie in his role as Ashe. His performance was
convincing in bringing across the pain and emotion of the character.
Unfortunately, the script did not allow for the depth and development the
character deserved.

Rock star Iggy Pop is also featured in the film as one of the street thugs.
His character took up too much screen time and Pop's acting was, at best,

Despite Perez's performance and the elaborate sets,The Crow: City of
is simply not as good as the original. The plot meanders often,
and on ocassion, just does not work. Several scenes in the film contradict
the original, and the storyline is crammed in places.

The movie also goes out of its way to portray the villians as not only evil
but really evil, as if the audience is not aware the average drug selling,
murdering street punk is a bad guy. Also, the final scenes of the film are
rather anti-climatic.

The good guys win, but the victory is just not very exciting. There is also
no sense of resolution in the film, and the audience is left wondering if
they missed something. All told,The Crow: City of Angels is just a
pale imitation of the first. I suggest waiting for it to come to video.