Ed Sheeran, 23-year-old singer-songwriter, recently released his highly anticipated second album, "X," (multiply). Sheeran started his path to success about five years ago in London, when recording began for his debut album, "+" (Plus).

Sheeran is extremely popular in the United Kingdom, where he was titled Best Male Solo Artist and British Breakthrough artist at the 2012 Brit Awards.

While extremely popular overseas, Sheeran gained a large portion of his US fan base after being featured on Taylor Swift's album, "Red." Along with joining Swift, Sheeran has also written songs for the popular boy-band, One Direction.

But not to be outshined by his musical counterparts, Sheeran has made a name for himself solely based on his own merit. A gifted vocalist, Sheeran won over audiences with songs like "The A Team," "Kiss Me" and "Give Me Love" from his debut album.

Sheeran combines a wide array of sounds in each of his songs, and on each album. His voice is rather distinctive, and calming atop the backdrop of his music.

Combining both R&B with acoustic sounds, and even some folk, Sheeran has a sound all his own.

In his second album, Sheeran takes a slight departure from the first. While much of his music infuses his same sound of indie and folk, there is also a bit more rap and rhythm and blues than might be expected.

While a good amount of songs from "+" were somewhat sad and focused on a previous break up and lost love, Sheeran has switched gears with "X."

Sheeran maintains a nice balance of keeping his current fans content, while also broadening his sound in order to reach out to new audiences, as well.

The singer-songwriter taps into his well-known with song, "Photograph," which discusses the theme of love and romantic memories.

In "Nina," Sheeran tackles a lost love whom he had a previous relationship with. The song is a mixture of rap, along with sounds from piano and acoustic instruments.

Some of the standout songs on the album are "Bloodstream," "I'm a Mess" and "Afire Love."

Sheeran's current single "Sing" is also out now, and doing well on the musical charts.

While some fans feel that the album is too different, it seems to be a good variety of classic Sheeran infused with new sounds, as well.

It might take a while to grow on the older dedicated Sheeran fans, but it is a solid album with good music.

For those looking to enjoy an album from start to finish, this is one to check out. Listen to the album in one sitting, and enjoy the journey Sheeran takes you on with each song.

The "X" album features 12 songs, with the deluxe version including 4 extra songs. "X" is available now on iTunes, in-store and on Spotify.

Victoria Brown is a rising junior in journalism and electronic media. She can be reached at vbrown20@vols.utk.edu and followed on Twitter at @utterly_torrii.