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4.23.14 ARTS crab apple lane
Hayley Brundige • The Daily Beacon

Crab Apple Lane performs at the Lox Salon on April 5 during the Rhythm N' Blooms music festival.

Small-time Crab Apple Lane hopes to make splash as Volapalooza opener

Local self-proclaimed "college dropout" country band Crab Apple Lane is coming back to school this Friday to open up Volapalooza.

Lead vocalists Kirk Wynn and Deena Robbins met through the Knoxville music scene. Both played frequently in town already, and Wynn even played drums for Robbins a few times. From there, the duo began to hang out more before eventually throwing around the idea of starting a country band.

The duo never imagined being anything other than a country band. While Robbins had listened to more pop and rock music before starting the band, it was Wynn's love for ...