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8.22.14 Fashion 1
Melodi Erdogan • The Daily Beacon

Rebecca Fechino, junior, public relations

Clothing defines a first impression: make it fit you

Back to school shopping – it's the definitive sign the academic year is, indeed, fast approaching.

For some, this shopping trip is taken more literally than others.

"Slacks, oxford shoes, a couple of button-downs," said Zachary Mebane, junior in biological sciences, who took advantage of back-to-school sales to update his wardrobe.

But amid the sea of college students shopping for similar styles at popular stores, individuality can prove difficult. Mebane encouraged students, especially freshman, to use back-to-school shopping as a chance to buy expressive new pieces in addition to closet staples.

Rebecca Fechino, junior in public relations, agreed. Fechino is ...